Applications for a scholarship:
Next deadline 30 September

Upon application by the relevant faculty member, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation awards scholarships to Namibian students who are studying humanities or social sciences subjects and are enrolled at a university in southern Africa. As the applicant, this faculty member is responsible for the quality of the application and provides an evaluation of the academic abilities of the student. In addition, this person assures ongoing communication with the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and is responsible for compliance with the agreement concluded.

Application criteria

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation traditionally supports historians but also archivists and librarians. Over time, this has extended to further areas, in particular, ethnology, anthropology, sociology and educational sciences.

Prerequisites for applications:

  • The application is made by a relevant faculty member
  • Namibian citizenship
  • Enrolment in a university in southern Africa
  • Humanities or social sciences course of study

Scholarship applications exclude:

  • Exchange years at universities outside of southern Africa
  • Ex-post funding


The relevant faculty member signs and submits the scholarship application. A detailed list of the required attachments is provided on the application form. Queries in regard to applications are answered in detail in the FAQ.

By awarding scholarships, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation sustains ongoing cooperation with teaching and research at southern African universities. Scholarships give rise to papers that are collected by Basler Afrika Bibliographien and thus made available to the public and the scientific community. Papers of particular interest can be published by Basler Afrika Bibliographien as a monograph or part of a series if they complement the organization’s publishing programme. There is no automatic right to publication.