Project applications:
Next deadline 30 September

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation supports scholarly projects and events with a connection to Namibia or southern Africa. Projects and events are always considered in the context of the activities of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and also involve Basler Afrika Bibliographien wherever possible.

Application criteria

Prerequisities for project applications are:

  • A focus on southern Africa
  • Liberal-arts-related topic

Project applications exclude:

  • Research trips
  • Publication projects
  • Ex-post funding


Applications for funding are submitted accompanied by a completed application form. A list of the necessary enclosures is provided in the application form. The FAQ provides detailed answers to questions regarding the application process.

Of particular interest are projects that aim to review archive material or prepare new acquisitions to make them accessible to the scholarly community, interested members of the public and future generations. These projects normally include a media aspect. As a rule these materials are then passed on to Basler Afrika Bibliographien and the National Archives of Namibia in Windhoek.