The Foundation operates the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, set up in 1971 by Carl Schlettwein, with its unique holdings on Namibia, and promotes research on Africa in the humanities and social sciences. The Foundation has set the focus of its content on Namibia and southern Africa. In addition to promoting African studies at the University of Basel, this also covers supporting education in Namibia as well as documentation and research projects.

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation is recognized by Canton Basel-Stadt as a non-profit foundation and is a member of proFonds, the umbrella organization for non-profit foundations in Switzerland.

Basler Afrika Bibliographien

The Board of Trustees of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation defines the strategy for Basel Afrika Bibliographien and supervises its implementation. It provides the funds for the sustainable operation of the documentation centre.

Scholarships for Namibian students in southern Africa

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation supports Namibian students studying humanities and social sciences. It is important to the Carl Schlettwein Foundation that the skills being developed benefit society in Namibia. In this way, the funds that are invested in scholars can have an impact on Namibia and the whole region that far exceeds that of individual fortunes and intentions.

Documentation and research projects

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation supports documentation and research projects that have a focus on Namibia and southern Africa. The projects attach importance to transmitting and enabling transnational cooperation. The documentation and research projects that are supported normally work closely with Basler Afrika Bibliographien.